Elvish Maxtern fig*t Video

Elvish Yadav said he thrashed Maxtern (YouTuber Sagar Thakur) after Maxtern threatened to burn Elvish’s family members alive.


Controversial YouTuber Elvish Yadav on Saturday clarified the viral video in which he was seen thrashing YouTuber Maxtern (Sagar Thakur) following which an FIR has been lodged against Elvish. In the video, Elvish was seen beating up Sagar Thakur, which created a major row as social media users sought Elvish Yadav’s arrest and tagged Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar in their social media posts. Elvish said he was enraged as Sagar Thakur was poking him for months and finally threatened to burn Elvish’s parents alive.


What is the new controversy over Elvish Yadav?

Elvish said he went to a clothes shop where Maxtern called him and was carrying no weapon. “Maxtern had everything planned. There was a camera hidden and he also had the microphone on. If you see the video, you can hear the sound of thrashing. So he planned everything and knew how to use it. People are saying Maxtern was alone and I went with 10-12 people. But the truth is he had 4 people with him and the people with me were not there to beat up. But they were actually stopping me,” Elvish said.

“I want to ask everyone how will you react if someone threatens your family, your mother…After the fight, I reached out to him to solve it. I called him home but he did not come. The next day, he filed an FIR and then questioned why 307 (attempt to murder) was not imposed on me. The Left lobby which has always been against me because I speak about Hindutva is supporting the call,” Elvish said.

Maxtern in his complaint said Elvish Yadav tried to break his spine and threatened to kill him. Reacting to this, Elvish Yadav said, “Spine can’t be broken like that. Yes, I threatened him but it was in a fit of rage. I could also file an FIR against him but I did not do that.”

Apologising for the thrashing, Elvish said he gets angry easily but he is not like that in real life. “I don’t like to thrash people and get embroiled in FIRs, controversies. Maxtern is now saying that I am so influential that I got all bailable charges in the FIR. Had I been that influential, I could have stopped the FIR then. But Maxtern came to Gurugram and filed an FIR against me. I would like to apologise to all those who think my image got hurt but at that moment it felt right,” Elvish said.

An FIR was registered against Yadav and others under sections 147 (riots), 149 (unlawful assembly), 323 (causing hurt), 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC at Sector 53 Police Station on Friday evening, police said.

Who is Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern?

Maxtern or Sagar Thakur is a Delhi-based YouTuber who makes educational videos. He has 1.68 million subscribers on YouTube. Sagar Thakur is an IIT-Delhi graduate and a full-time YouTuber.