Maleesa Mooney Found Dead Inside Refrigerator in Los Angeles Apartment With Her Ankles, Wrists Bound

Model Maleesa Mooney, who was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment on September 12, was bound, beaten and placed in her refrigerator, according to her autopsy report. Model Maleesa Mooney, who was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment on September 12, was bound, beaten and placed in her refrigerator, according to her autopsy […]

দেখুন ভিডিও- সম্পূর্ণ খালি হাত পায়ে তড়তড়িয়ে গাছে উঠছে একরত্তি খুদে, বানর ছানার সঙ্গে তুলনা নেটিজেনদের

ছোটবেলায় পেয়ারা বা অন্যান্য গাছে চড়ার অভিজ্ঞতা নিশ্চয় রয়েছে এগুলির মতো অনাবিল আনন্দ বোধহয় আর কিছু হয় না। ছোটবেলা মানেই দুষ্টুমি আর দৌরাত্ম্য। আর কিছু বাচ্চা যেন বেশীই চঞ্চল হয়। আর এই ধরনের বাচ্চাদের কখনো বড়োরা বকে বলে বাদরামি করিস না তো। কিন্তু সম্প্রতি সোশ্যাল মিডিয়ায় একটি ভিডিও ভাইরাল হয়েছে যেখানে সত্যিই এক বাচ্চাকে বাদরের […]

Raj-Koushani relationship: রাজ-কৌশানির সম্পর্কের গুঞ্জন! মুখ খুললেন বনি সেনগুপ্ত

রাজের সঙ্গে সম্পর্কের গুঞ্জন নিয়ে কী বললেন কৌশানি? জেনে নিন টলি পাড়ায় খুবই জনপ্রিয় তারকা জুটি বনি কৌশানি (Raj-Koushani relationship)। এই দুজনকে একসাথে দর্শক বেশ পছন্দ করে। তবে আজকাল তাঁরা অভিনয়ের পাশাপাশি প্রযোজনায় মনোযোগ দিয়েছেন। তবে হটাৎ করে অভিনয় ছেড়ে কেন প্রযোজনা সংস্থা খুলতে গেলেন? সে প্রশ্ন তৈরি হয়েছে একাধিক মানুষের মনে। সম্প্রতি সেই সব […]

Ticketmaster halts Taylor Swift ticket sales in France in another headache for fans

The difficulty between Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift’s“Eras” tour isn’t over — with the most recent snafu affecting followers hoping to attain tickets in France. On Tuesday, after some followers reported points with accessing Ticketmaster’s web site, gross sales for six of Swift’s upcoming reveals in Paris and Lyon have been abruptly postponed. A proof wasn’t […]


BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been embroiled rumors about her relationship TAG Heuer’s CEO Frederic Arnault. The web site ShootInParis shared a video on July 8, 2023, that confirmed the MONEY singer hanging out in a Paris restaurant. BLACKPINK’s maknae is within the metropolis for her work-related and model commitments. In her downtime, she was noticed hanging […]

The Eras Tour VS The Renaissance Tour (Comparison)

It is the good battle of our time: each Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are on tour. The fights between the Bey Hive and Swifties on Twitter would make you imagine there is a battle between these two artists. However really, it’s extremely straightforward to be a fan of each — take it from me! I […]


Tyreek Hill’s decision of hyping up Tua Miami Dolphins quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, had a breakout season in 2023, setting career-highs in passing yards (3,548), touchdowns (25), and passer rating (105.5.) Part of his success was due to the team acquiring Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs, and the emergence of Jaylen Waddle. Tagovailoa will […]

Wall of waste: Biden ending Trump wall

Millions of dollars of steel are wasting away in the high desert after being neglected by the federal government for two and a half years since President Joe Biden halted Trump-era border wall construction. In the 901 days since Biden took office, not one has gone by that fourth-generation cattle rancher Russell Johnson has driven […]

Full list of The Eras Tour UK prices

Tickets for The Eras Tour in the UK are officially on sale, and thousands of Taylor Swift fans are desperately trying to get their hands on tickets. It’s been reported that around 14 million people initially registered for tickets before they even went on sale. If getting tickets wasn’t stressful enough there is very little […]

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Sales in Paris Halted on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster said on Twitter that “The Taylor Swift sale | The 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Eras Tour for Paris La Défense Arena has been put on hold.” The ticketing website added that it will keep people “posted with a new on-sale time as soon as possible.” It also said that “all codes not already […]