Yoga for Men: Why More Guys Should Be Practicing Yoga

Here are the five most common misconceptions we men have about yoga: You may think that it is extra that you can lift 100 kg from the bench, but I think it is much more practical if you can tie your shoelaces before training! All participants in sports today, from recreational to professional athletes, are looking for new ways to achieve optimal sports form. Times are changing and more and more men are discovering some of the many benefits that regular yoga practice brings. Many misconceptions still exist. I will list some of the biggest ones:



My many years of experience as a yoga and Pilates instructor is that I always come across a surprise for men when the first class is over, and the T-shirt is wet and the first muscle inflammation occurs (especially those they didn’t even know existed). Even today, many men do not feel welcome in a yoga class because they feel that they are not flexible enough. This is, of course, just a misconception: yoga will increase your flexibility, but you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. If you give yoga a chance, you will notice that by increasing flexibility, the pain in the back, joints, and spine – disappears. This is no accident. Closed hips affect the knees due to the incorrect position of the thighs and lower legs. The shortened posterior bed straightens the lumbar part of the spine, which causes pain in the lower back. Not to mention that proper posture betrays a man who believes in himself!


If you enter a yoga class somewhere in New York or London, you will see that men make up more than a third of those present. Few men in Serbia are considering choosing yoga or Pilates as a recreation, because there is a prejudice that it is “women’s training”. What many do not know today is that until recently, until a few decades ago, yoga was practiced almost exclusively by men. But then something changed – yoga came to the west through the big door and women adopted it almost completely. In fact, since it has been practiced exclusively by men for so long, many asanas (positions occupied by the body during exercise) seem to be designed more for the male body, and some require more upper body strength, which women often lack.


Yoga and gym go together! In a yoga class, you will stretch well, strengthen your back, and calm your mind. If you combine it with exercise in the gym or some sport, it will help the recovery of your muscles and alleviate any inflammation, and the effect of sweating will cleanse your body of toxins.

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It’s like a red light in your car, and you don’t have time to stop to refuel! You are on the red if you are under stress. It depends on you whether you will stop at the pump or find time for an anti-stress program. Yoga postures, if practiced properly, can remove the created tensions in the body. Exercises of light and conscious stretching and twisting activate the muscles so that the blood is slowly squeezed out of them, and then fresh and refined blood soaks them when they return to their original position. In that way, the muscles get rid of waste substances and toxins, and thanks to the circulation of fresh blood – they nourish and vitalize and gradually release tension. Chronic stress constantly keeps us on alert, increases blood sugar levels, affects the function of the pancreas, liver, and the mechanism for storing fat cells. High cortisol leads to a hunger attack that occurs when we are upset, angry, in one word – stressed. The body takes those extra calories that we have taken in and stores them in the area of ​​the stomach. This type of obesity, from which managers suffer, increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Safe and safe ways to reduce cortisol levels are yoga exercises, deep relaxation, and meditation.


I must mention that you will feel the benefits of yoga in the bedroom as well. Not only will you be more agile, but you will notice a difference in your endurance. Many yoga postures focus not only on your muscles but also on your organs, so higher blood flow in them will increase your efficiency. And your heart will inevitably get used to the higher “flow”, so you will be less short of breath when you perform your best moves. Should I remind you that tantric sex originated from yoga?!

Yoga is best experienced live. A musical score is not a melody and just as you can’t enjoy eating while reading the menu, so everything you’ve read isn’t yoga – yoga is an experience!

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