Thu. Jan 20th, 2022
Why we should need to do daily yoga?

Yoga is a way of feeling relaxed and calm. If we can practicing daily yoga we will get a more positive outlook and more creative, better flexibility. regularly practicing yoga can also bring down high blood pressure and help you lose excess weight.

Yoga can release lower back pain:

Everyday practicing yoga can release your stress level. yoga therapy has the power to treat not only back pain but also the stress that accompanies it.

Need to yoga for lower back pain–

Even since the COVID -19 lockdown extended the work from home 🏘️ life style, back pain has become the most common problem owing to the long hours of sitting before a laptop or moving around too much to jungle household chores. the lower back pain has become the most sensitive part of the body.

Some way to get your child’s started with meditation:–

It’s important to focus our attention on our children’s health just as much we would on their physical is we as parents who also need to create a meditative space for our kids a steady practice to embrace themselves for who they are. when you yourself practice meditation, you will be able to your children discover this space as well. needless to say, your own connection with them will also grow stronger.

Relaxation muscle progressive:–

Mindfulness and meditation are an everyday exercise. put in the habit of being silent in your child from a very young age. ask them to incorporate deep breathing as a daily bedtime ritual. remind your kids to relax and take a few deep breaths as they wake up every morning. this will slowly become a routine for them and perhaps this practice would be the most valuable things you could have ever given your child.

Bedtime yoga asanas to get a good sleep:–

It’s very important to know that good sleep and quintessential to a healthy body and mind. daily yoga routine will improve your sleeping patterns.

Uttanasana:-this asana do regularly practice and you will see the difference in your sleep.

Savasana:-it calms your nervous system and helps relax all your tired shoulder and muscles.

Have some more difference types of yoga name is here given the below:–

1) Ashtanga yoga
2)Hatha yoga
3)kripalu yoga
4)Bikram yoga
5) Restorative yoga
6)lyengar yoga
7)Trikona asana yoga

This types of yoga if you do daily practice so you get definitely improve your goals and fitness level.
so, yoga is a boon for all of us.

By Ava Max

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