What is memory care, and how much should it cost?

All You Need to Know About Memory Care

Have a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s or other degenerative memory diseases? Consider choosing a memory care facility for them. But before you do, read on to know what it is and how much it should cost.

Alzheimer’s, a form of Dementia, is a disease that progressively attacks and destroys a range of mental functions, especially memory. It usually occurs in seniors and is characterized by memory loss and weak cognitive abilities. While there are several other memory-related diseases, Alzheimer’s is one of the most common.


If you have a loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s, you must know how difficult it can be to care for them. Despite all your efforts, you might not be able to provide them the right kind of care.

And if that is the case, you should look into the possibility of sending them to a memory care facility. But what is memory care? Does your patient even need it? And what can it cost? Keep reading to know the answers to all that and more.

What is memory care, and Who needs it?

People suffering from Dementia can have significant trouble managing even their everyday activities. And in many cases, this difficulty can make it impossible for the patient to live alone or even with family members. This is where memory care facilities come in.

Memory care refers to a type of senior-living facility aimed at helping Dementia patients navigate their everyday life with more ease. The staff at such facilities monitor patients’ health and general well-being, keeping them involved in exercises that improve cognitive function and provide a loving, considerate, and safe community.

People suffering from Dementia adapt pretty well to memory care as it provides a friendly and constructive environment. In such facilities, patients are made to perform activities and hobbies regularly to keep them entertained and maintain their cognitive skills. In addition, the staff ensures that the residents take their meals on time, stay secure, and take their medications as instructed by their doctors.

Such facilities are a true boon for patients with Dementia Alzheimer’s, and several other memory-related conditions. Even the family members of such patients find themselves at ease after availing of a memory care facility.

Benefits of Memory Care Facilities

Trained Caregivers

As a family member, you might think you are the best equipped to take care of your loved one. But this isn’t true. Despite being careful, your lack of experience and training can hinder them from receiving optimum care. However, in a memory care facility, the staff receive top-notch training to deal with patients with memory-related diseases. This is why they can tend to the unique needs of such patients in the best possible way.

Safety of Patients

One common trait of Dementia patients is that they often forget to lock doors, turn off lights, gas stoves, or alarms. These can be extremely hazardous and, in many cases, fatal. Since memory care facilities have particular security and safety systems in place, mishaps such as those mentioned above do not happen. Thus, memory care is the safest place for Dementia patients.

Conducive Environment

A positive and understanding environment is crucial to the well-being of Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients. Memory care facilities primarily focus on providing one. Therefore, if you’re seeking a comfortable life for a patient, you must choose memory care for them.

How much should memory care cost?

Memory care costs around $4000-$8000 depending on location and number of services offered. This amount may or may not be covered by your insurance, so it’s best to check with your insurance company if they cover the cost.

Bearing these costs out of pocket can be extremely difficult for someone with a middle-range income. However, considering the number of facilities offered, this amount is often justified. If you feel like you cannot bear the costs, but memory care is necessary, consider selling off some personal assets or taking a small personal loan. But do not stretch your means by a lot.


Memory care facilities are especially beneficial for senior patients in a later stage of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you have a patient at home who needs such care, do not hesitate to look up nearby memory care facilities and choose the best one according to your budget and the facilities offered.

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