Types of Yoga

Yoga is quite popular currently. It is a form of fitness that can be use for therapy in both mind and body. Understand the various type of yoga especially for beginner, you can find various types of yoga available. The most suitable type of yoga for beginner is Hatta Yoga. It is by means of keep your mind calm and physically and mental energy is being transform into various part of the body. Basically yoga is practice through stretching with various postures. Each different type of yoga will focus on various postures, breathing timing or different environment like Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga is being done at temperature above 40 degree Celsius with a humidity of 40%. There are many types of yoga and here has some description of common type of yoga that is currently begin practice.


Different type of yoga will focus on various different types of postures. There are more than 100 types of postures. Posture or pose is also know as Asana:- it means seating in position that is firm and relax. In the past there is only one asana, i.e. meditation whereby we are seated in a comfortable and stable posture for a period of time. Breathing is an important aspect of yoga, the correct breathing will helps you to relax your body and increase your energy level in your body. Yoga is more than just stretching and toning the physical body, the yoga posture open the natis (energy channels) and chakras (psychic centers) of the body. Yoga posture also purify and help heal the body and also control the the mind and at the same time be focus and calm.


In yoga practice, music is something you might not want to miss. It can helps to create an environment that you will feels calm and soothing so that your mind and body can be integrate. Yoga needs to energizes every part of your body, thus be focus is an important aspect. For a starts there is a wide range of music to choose on, this pages will give you a various variety of music and from there it can helps to get a range of music that is suitable for you when practicing yoga. In general yoga music can be categories into 5 different types: 1. Classical Music 2. Ambient Music 3.Ethnic Music 4. Meditation Music and 5. Music with Binaural Beats.


As a beginner you might what to have some guide on what is the proper attire when practicing yoga? There are various top and bottom that is suitable for yoga practice. For ladies you can choose a range from exercise topmost important it must be comfortable that not reveal too much and fits you. You do not want to keep on tug your cloths during yoga. It must be something that made from breathable fabric (like cotton, bamboo or jersey)


The first accessories you need to practice Yoga other than the proper attire, there is one very basic accessories that you need is a either a Yoga Mat or towel. When you practice yoga, you will be stretching and holding a poses for a period of seconds. In order to avoid hurting on your knees and prevent slippery when performing a poses. Other accessories likes yoga gloves, yoga socks, yoga strap or block will be require depends on your needs and also doing more intensive yoga

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