Simple Yoga Stretches for Older People

Start off by breathing deeply and counting to ten as you inhale.

· Slowly raise both of your hands into the air and hold them for the count of ten.

· Reach across to the left with your right hand, over your head. Feel the side of your body stretching. Slowly lower it and repeat the exercise with your left hand.

· Take a deep breath while thinking about sunshine beating down on your face.

· Look up, look to the right and the left, and then look down; hold each one for ten seconds to really stretch your neck muscles.

· Now extend your arms out in front of you and make fists with your hands, holding this posture for a second or two. Release the fists into straight fingers. Do this ten times slowly.

· Hold out your hands with the palms up, and then turn them palms down, doing this slowly ten times. Feel your hands and wrists stretch.

· Gently touch each finger to the thumb, on both hands at the same time if you are able to. Do this ten times to exercise and stretch your fingers.

· Slowly circle your wrists, inward and then outward, to the count of ten for each. Concentrate on releasing the tension.

· Beginning with your hands hanging loosely at your sides, raise them up to touch your shoulders, then let them drop back down. Slowly go up and down ten times.

· Take a deep breath and smile.

· Hold your hands together in front of you as if you were praying. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind for one minute.

· Take a seat and then turn to your right, middle and left with your upper body. Feel this stretch in your waist as you slowly turn. Do this ten times.

· Now it is time to focus on your lower body. While sitting down slowly lift up your right leg straightening it at the knee. Do this five times. If this is too painful do not do this exercise; as with all of the exercises you must use your own discretion.

· Lift your right foot and do ankle circles forwards and backwards ten times. Switch to the left foot and repeat 10 times.

· Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale slowly and let go of the weight of your body as you do so, trusting the chair to support you.

· Stand up again and raise yourself up on your tip toes to do calf raises. Imagine you are a child trying to look out of a window at a rainbow.

· Think calming thoughts and you wiggle your toes. You may see yourself on holiday walking in the warm sand with a gentle breeze on your face.


Slow movements, gentle stretches and positive thoughts will ease your mind and stress away. Deep breaths are good for your soul. A quick and simple yoga exercise routine can extent your lifespan and improve your health.

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