Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress

There are numerous people who are sleep deprived, anxious and unhealthy due to excess stress. Learning meditation can be very beneficial in relieving anxiety and other unhealthy aspects of daily living. Learning to meditate can be very beneficial in calming anxiety, inducing sleep and promoting an overall healthy feeling.

There are many basic techniques that are easy and simple to practice. A breathing form is the easiest to learn. Find someplace quiet where you can be comfortable and not be disturbed. Sit with your eyes closed and just breathe. Concentrate on the breaths and nothing else. Breathe in and out while paying attention to the rhythm. After a short period you will notice becoming more calm and relaxed.

Practicing deep breathing exercises everyday is an excellent way to improve your concentration, mind health and can be physically beneficial as well. Breath in very deeply through your nose and breath out slowly from your mouth. Continue these exercises for approximately five minutes the first day and increase daily until you are doing the exercise for a full thirty minutes.

Another simple beginning technique is to focus on the flame of a candle. This must also be completed in a quiet area and in a comfortable position. Concentrate fully on the flame and when things come into your mind, take small breaths and release the thoughts. It is necessary to be completely shut off from interferences and apply all thoughts to the flame of the candle.

The next technique involves some practice because you will be literally concentrating on nothing. Again find a quiet place and let your mind go blank. Try to not think of anything in particular. There will be thoughts coming and going, the difficult part is to not apply concentration to them. When thoughts come to you, breathe out and release the thought.

For many people the process of learning the techniques such as looking at a candle flame or breathing in a quiet room may be difficult. The purpose is to relax your mind and body. Find an item that you love and use it as a point of focus. Apply the same technique as for the flame except with an object.

Learning the various forms and techniques of meditation will bring many beneficial steps to overcoming anxiety and stress induced situations. It is important to learn and practice the forms you are going to be comfortable in doing on a daily basis.

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