Kind Acts Make all the Difference

People often ask me, “What small things can I do to make a difference?” I’m guessing you already know that making a change in the world starts from the inside and moves outward.

In other words, you have to change yourself first to then have a positive impact on the people around you.

So what kind of positive changes am I specifically referring to?

Your thoughts, your feelings and your actions reflect out into your immediate environment and have an impact on others every day. So the more we can make our thoughts, feelings and actions positive, the greater the productive impact we can expect to have on other people and the world around us.

Let’s take an example that you can work on immediately.

You’re walking down the street to get your morning coffee and along the way you pass a women who is overweight; maybe 300+ pounds. What is your immediately reaction? If it wasn’t love, or some form of it such as compassion, this is one instance where you can make a difference in the world.

Instead of wincing; send her love. Feel love inside your own being emanating from your heart, smile at that person, and send love in her direction. Trust me, she is used to people looking at her with disdain or some form of judgment. But how many people can she count on to genuinely send her a good feeling that changes how she feels about herself and being alive?

You leave the coffee shop and head for work. On the way someone cuts you off in traffic and our first reaction is to fly the middle finger. Stop! Take a deep breath and exhale twice as long until you feel yourself let go of the fear and anger. Now send that person a positive thought, for example just imagine a person who was driving that car and think, “may you slow down and experience peace today.”

These actions not only leave you and your body in a healthier place, but if enough of us do it regularly, the entire world can also be transformed into a more peaceful experience for everyone.

William Blake gave us a great line, “Learn to endure the beams of love.” We all know how easy it is to feel the emotions of anger, fear and pride etc., but how many of us know how to experience and express love at any moment of our choosing? How many of us ask to expand that ability to feel and give love more every day? These are great goals to have if you sincerely want to make a difference in our world.

Acts of kindness are very important for everyone. Even though not all of us have the means to support multiple charities with our time or money; everyone has the ability to control our own thoughts, feelings and actions in a way that can benefit the overall happiness level of mankind.

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