How To Be A Mindful Drinker

More of us than ever are choosing to drink more mindfully. It’s not only the result of a pandemic, which made many reassess the choices we make about looking after our bodies, but also a societal shift away from the boozy culture that has perpetuated for so long. And the good news is that drinking less no longer means being socially ostracised, or having your choice of beverage confined to tepid, sugary soft drinks. 

Many are choosing mindful drinking over complete sobriety. Mindful drinking isn’t only about drinking less, but being more aware of what you’re drinking: choosing one glass of a great wine rather than throwing back a cheap bottle, or prioritising the botanical ingredients in your cocktail over the alcohol content. 

If you would like to drink more mindfully but are struggling to cut back, there are steps you can take to make it easier.

PLAN ahead. Social pressure is a big trigger for many of us. So, before you head out for work drinks to meet friends, have a plan. What are you going to drink? How much? And what will you say to anyone who tries to pressure you into drinking more than you planned? It helps to know what soft drinks are available where you’re going, because having a no or low-alcohol cocktail in your hand can stave off remarks from boozy colleagues or friends. 

TEMPER temptation. If you’re a person who habitually pours a gin and tonic once the kids are in bed, or who automatically has a glass of wine with dinner, then not having as much alcohol in the house will help you immeasurably. The added inconvenience of having to go out to the shop to buy alcohol is often enough to make you stop and think about whether you actually need to.

CHOOSE wisely the alcoholic drinks you have at home with healthier alternatives. It might sound silly, but often the ‘clink-fizz’ of opening a delicious cold beverage is all you need to stave off that pang for an alcoholic drink. Stock your fridge with delicious no or low-alcohol options.

EXPLORE alternatives but that doesn’t necessarily mean having fewer drinks. It can mean having lower-ABV alternatives, or halving the amount of gin in your G&T. When the bartender asks if you would like a single or double – the answer should always be single.

THINK about what you are drinking. Is it balanced in other ways, regardless of alcohol? For example, does it have minimal sugar and maximum healthy botanicals? Is the company you are buying from sustainable?

CALCULATE alcohol units and AVB, the formula you need to know to stay in control  

(ML x AVB) % / 10

Mindful drinking means drinking less alcohol, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s having a sense of awareness of what you’re putting into your body, and the way in which your consumer choices impact the world around you. And it feels great to know that you’re making better ones.

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