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To Be the Author of One’s Life

Almost daily I am reminded of the most potent teaching of the Handel Method of coaching; I am the author of my life. When I first began working with Handel coaches in 2010, I came to understand that my life was built on a series of choices that I’d made. The idea that I’d chosen everything, that everything I was perceiving and […]

How to Change Your Life for Good

Wayne Dyer wisely said, “Our intention creates our reality.” So if your reality isn’t satisfying at the moment or doesn’t quite match up to what you thought it would be, take a second to look at your goals. Living with intention can mean so many different things. It can mean actively practicing mindful relationships, volunteering […]

Make Your New Habits Stick

Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone about their New Year’s resolutions, you typically get one of two responses: “Well, I’m hoping to lose 12 pounds and stop procrastinating and call my mom more and spend more time reading.” You can basically fill in the blanks with any sort of ambition towards self-improvement. […]

How To Be A Mindful Drinker

More of us than ever are choosing to drink more mindfully. It’s not only the result of a pandemic, which made many reassess the choices we make about looking after our bodies, but also a societal shift away from the boozy culture that has perpetuated for so long. And the good news is that drinking […]

Kind Acts Make all the Difference

Kind Acts Make all the Difference

People often ask me, “What small things can I do to make a difference?” I’m guessing you already know that making a change in the world starts from the inside and moves outward. In other words, you have to change yourself first to then have a positive impact on the people around you. So what […]


Everyone knows how essential a wholesome lunch will be for combatting that noon hunch. However for many people, having fun with nutritious meals at lunchtime will be simpler stated than accomplished. Between juggling work and appointments, sticking to an train routine, and the numerous different calls for of our days, sitting down for a balanced […]

10 Tips for Greening Your Home

10 Tips for Greening Your Home

Here are ten tips that will help you easily begin to green your home environment. 1. Use rechargeable batteries and recycle regular batteries. 2. Use smart strips to synchronize shutting down your electronics such as your TV, DVD and stereo etc. 3. 20% of your heat is going out through your windows and doors. If […]