We are the first all-women's professional group of Bengali folk singers in West Bengal. We concentrate on showcasing the rich and varied folk tradition of Bengal, both 'epar bangla and opar bangla'. The traditional folk instrument of Bengal - `maadal' truly represents the kind of music we pursue.

As our group composition suggests we try to bring forward the innumerable Bengali folk songs that are sung especially by women. The songs represent a woman's happiness, grief, sorrow, problems, romanticism, spirit of celebration - in a word the spirit of womanhood. This aspect of our group can also be understood from the fact that the word `maadal' can be broken up into 2 parts - `maa' & `dal' respectively signifying mother and group. Thus we are a group of women, by women, but for all.

Our first album `CHIRANTANI' (Cozmik Harmony) was released on lOth\ March 2004. Our second album `BANDEY JANANI' (Cozmik Harmony) was released on 18th January 2005. Our third album 'SOUNDARI KAMALA' (Asha Audio) was released on 14th Sept. 2006 by social activist Ms. Brinda Karat at Music World. All the albums have been highly acclaimed by different categories of listeners, especially those who are fond of Bengali songs & are proud of our long cherished tradition.

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